3M™ Hot Melt Applicator PG II with Speedloader Cartridge Feed, 240 V EU Plug

  • 3M ID 62995199502

Rear cartridge feed port provides quick, easy loading

Trigger-control adapts flow to the task at hand

Dispenses up to 6 lbs. of adhesive per hour to support high-volume demands

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Sīkāka informācija

  • Rear cartridge feed port provides quick, easy loading
  • Trigger-control adapts flow to the task at hand
  • Dispenses up to 6 lbs. of adhesive per hour to support high-volume demands
  • Maintains a fixed 385° F (196° C) melt temperature for various hot-melt adhesives
  • Convenient stand holds applicator in proper standby position

Whistle While You Work

As the chamber runs low, you will hear a whistling sound. At that point the piston can be retracted and up to 3 adhesive glue sticks loaded into the chamber to keep the adhesive, and production, flowing. Our balanced design is comfortable to operate in multi-station or intermittent manual applications. We built this applicator for ease of control also, with the trigger being uniquely designed to provide variable flow control. Pulling the trigger slowly to the rear will start the adhesive flow. Increased pressure on the trigger increases the flow rate and amount of adhesive dispensed. Adhesive flow is also controlled by the type of applicator tip used and air pressure setting. This gives you flexibility to customize flow and minimize waste. A fixed thermostat on the heat block uses 120V AC /500W power to maintain a 385° F (196° C) temperature automatically for consistent, reliable performance. The applicator also includes a bench stand that holds it in the proper stand-by position when not in use. We also include two tips, 9921 and 9946, to help deliver the adhesive where and how you need. This tool is designed for reliability to keep processes moving and simplicity to keep the focus on those processes, a great solution where ever two surfaces need to be bonded together. The applicator is designed for standard hot melt adhesives and performs best when combined with any 1"x 3" adhesive sticks in the 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Hot Melt Adhesive family.

Recommended Applications:

- Woodworking

- Furniture

- Automotive

- Transportation

- Aerospace

- General Industrial

- Upholstery

- Point Of Purchase Display

- Sample Boards

- Military

- Window, Door, Building

- Trophies

- Novelties

- Audio Components

- Cabinets

- Construction

- Packaging

- Electronics

Dispense hot metal adhesives with ease and keep production processes moving using 3M™ Hot Melt Applicator's. Our variable temperature applicator's uses electric heat to melt adhesives and dispense them with different melting points. It has a comfortable palm grip which helps you to drive the adhesive smoothly and evenly, ideal when under pressure. One person can work on many jobs, with our applicator’s variable temperature control, which allows delivery of up to 2.5 kg of 3M adhesive every hour, on demand. Our applicator has an innovative feed mechanism to minimise dripping, saving waste and keeping processes smooth and safe. Its stroke adjuster also helps ensure a precise deposit of adhesive.

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