3M™ Flexible Foam Sanding Sponge

3M ID 60440235269UPC 50051141281655
  • Highly conformable – finishes around curves and over contoured surfaces
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AOEM, Composite, Paint Preparation, Woodworking
Mineral Type
Aluminium Oxide
Overall Length (Metric)
139,7 mm
Overall Thickness (Metric)
4,57 mm
Overall Width (Metric)
114,3 mm
Product Form
Sub Industries
Cabinetry, Custom Woodworking and Millwork, Furniture
Substrate Category
Composite, Paint & Primer, Wood
Product Details
  • Highly conformable – finishes around curves and over contoured surfaces

3M™ Flexible Foam Sanding Sponge is a highly flexible abrasive pad that conforms to curved surfaces, folds to fit crevasses and will bend and twist to get into corners and other hard-to-reach areas. Our flexible sponges are available in an array of grades to accomplish all stages of finishing sanding.

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